Risky Selfies: Persons who died while taking Selfies

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Selfies have become very popular recent times and young people try their best to take selfies wherever they go. Yes, that is a cool thing, but when it has fatal results at the end, then it is quite dangerous to take such kind of risks. But could u guess that there were people who ended in death while taking selfies? Yes, here is the list of 5 people who died while taking selfies.

1. The bride to be who died in a fatal car crash while taking a selfie on the way to her Hen party.


2. The teen who died after trying to take a selfie on top of a railway bridge.


3.The teen who died after falling from the bathroom door while attempting to take a photo.


4. The Puerto Rican rapper who died taking a selfie while riding his motorcycle.

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5. The man who died accidentally shooting himself while taking a selfie.


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