Open Letter to Salman Khan on his hit and run case judgement by a Mumbaikar

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Open Letter to Salman Khan by a Mumbaikar

So, Salman as we all knew, you got off with the crime which we now do not know who did it. May be that night, your car was actually driving itself, can be possible, as I have heard there are google cars that drive themselves.. But
yes we also know Google cars did not exist back then. But who cares, I think it was google car. So let it be. Or may be your car actually drunk 2 cans of beers and could not control itself and killed those who were sleeping with
just one bread in their stomach which they earned after lot of hard work during that fateful day. Whoever it was, one thing is sure and cannot be written off, which is that people ‘died’ that night under your car.
Court has set you free, so now lets talk something very openly.
Salman, somewhere you know, who killed them. So can you keep compensating the victims family for the life. Can you take care of their children and wives for the rest of their life, I have heard you have a very big heart called ‘being Human’

Salman, can you ask your car not to drinnk and drive itself from this day. Can you direct your car to not consume alcohol when ‘he’/it is supposed to drive somewhere on the roads.
Salman, can you ask your fans not to be so inhuman that they have started ignoring the basic tenets of humanity.
Salman, since you have been gifted by God a life of freedom, can you pledge that you will not under any circumstances let the victims family become the slave of poverty and fear.

Can you Salman do just these three simple things that can make citizen like me at least feel good and keep faith in our judiciary.

A Mumbaikar


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