Learn How 11-year-old Girl Delivered Baby Sister and Went to School

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SHOCKING….. An 11-year-old girl delivered her baby sister and then rushed to school.

Find out here – how it happened in details:

When the mother, Tara Knightley’s water suddenly broke, Caitlin Burke, was the only person at home so she lost no time and called emergency.

But as the situation was tough, so before the arrival of emergency the girl had got all the instructions from ambulance staff on the phone and succeeded in delivering her baby sister. But the most SHOCKING of all is that she even managed to unravel the cord which was wrapped around the baby.

Being satisfied with what she did, the girl went for normal classes.

Mother was very surprised at what her girl did, as she could never imagine such thing to happen with her. She said: “Caitlin was just amazing. I find it difficult to put into words just what she has done for me.”

Want to learn more? Here is the video telling all about it. Meet the hero HERE!

Image Credit: Baby Sister

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