Graduate Chaiwale: Meet Graduates Who Created Their Own Tea Business

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Graduate Chaiwale is a new business set up by 3 brothers in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), where the selling product is TEA. Learn here why Graduates have chosen to run a tea business……

How it Started
The eldest of three brothers was working at the Lucknow-based call center after completing his graduation. The salary was not much, and he could hardly support his family as needed. He did not know English, and for that reason he was not able to find a job with high salary.

When his brothers graduated from ASBD Memorial College in Hardoi, they faced the same fate. So, the eldest brother offered to set up a small business and get much money.

Why they have chosen “Graduate Chaiwale” as a name for their business?
The names itself offers completely a new experience of small business, idea which is unique in its own way.

How much they earn?
The shop brings them about Rs 350-400 a day after deducting material and operational costs — this is much more than what Govind used to get at call centers. And his workload was also heavier than now and the salary was not stable.

What plans do they have?

The brothers now take turns to run the shop. They have a plan to open a chain of tea stalls once they have enough money.

Image Credit: Graduate Chaiwale

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