13-Year-Old Schoolgirl Delivers Baby in School – Learn More HERE

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pregnant schoolgirl

SHOCKING! Class 9th School girl in Hyderabad Delivers a Baby in the Washroom. And no one was aware about her pregnancy before. Find out HERE how it happened.

It happened in the school when the girl had stomach aches.

The girl was sitting in the classroom as usual and she suddenly felt severe pain in her stomach. So the teacher sent her to the washroom along with her classmate. And after some time, her classmate returned and informed the teacher that the girl is delivering a baby.

Teacher and Classmates were shocked

Teacher and classmates were completely shocked learning the news. Her Teacher said, “She was a slim girl, and she had no signs of pregnancy, so no one has ever doubted she was pregnant”.

Family was Unaware Too

When the girl’s family got the news, they could say nothing. They did not know she was pregnant, and even can not say who is the father of the baby.

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